Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lego CitroenDS Vintage French Car

Name of Model: CitroenDS
Created by: MisterZumbi
Found at:
This Thursday, we bring you a Lego model that is perhaps a bit more in-reach for the modern young builder. Let's face it, not everybody has a seemingly endless supply of Lego parts, and it can be hard to find uses for some of the specialized parts found in today's Lego sets. MisterZumbi's CitroenDS uses new slopes and smooth elements that you're likely to see in the Lego collections of today's kids but not in older Lego collections.

Note the way that curved slopes are used for the car's roof and hood. The grill is made of carefully placed "knives" made for Lego people. A closer look also reveals that offset elements were used to give the base of the car a width that is difficult to create with Lego - and still connect that to a common windshield element. Although not all of us can build larger-than-life Lego models, we can all try using the parts we can get our hands on in unusual ways to make detailed models of our own.

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