Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Microscale Dark Turquoise Space Truck

Name of Model: Dark Turquoise Space Truck
Created by: notenoughbricks
Found at:
Details: Dark turquoise is one of the more unappreciated rare colors. OK, sure, it's more widely used than Salmon, but not by much. It's used well here, although the custom stickers dampen the boldness of the color. I'll forgive the inaccurate use of fire in space (a crime against scientific accuracy that LEGO has committed as well) since this is otherwise such a well-assembled craft.

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LongILUG said...

Thanks for considering this a "fascinating" LEGO model. It was fun to build and the rear half of the model was "SNOT-ty". I didn't know what to build that day but after looking at my meager collection of Dark Turquoise I was inspired by the challenge of building something out of such a small supply of this color.

Fire in space, hard to do without oxygen I guess. IF LEGO does it so can us fans! Hahaha!