Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Externally Powered Monorail

Name of Model: Externally powered Monorail
Created by: David Koudys flickr YouTube
Found at: (Why yes, we DO still read LUGNET...and follow the links people post there!)
Details: Here's a particularly strange LEGO electrical project for you. This one is far from purist, but the effect is interesting enough even if it does involve tinkering with valuable monorail track (you may think I'm kidding, but on BrickLink, a single piece of straight track can sell for over $20). If you're familiar with the model railroading hobby - or with LEGO's own 9V Train system - you know how a train can draw power from certain kinds of track that carry electricity. This is a much more efficient system than the battery-based type of trains LEGO current makes - you don't need to worry about replacing or recharging anything as long as you can hook up your speed regulator to a wall socket. Although the LEGO monorail system is fairly legendary, it too is limited by battery life. Until now! Apparently a bit of copper tape on the track and some hacking to make the motor draw power from brushes near the wheels is "all" it took!

More videos and photos are available - just follow the thread linked at the top.

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