Friday, October 22, 2010

Modern Bed and Bath

Name of Model: A modern room design
Created by: Littlehaulic (Brickshelf) (flickr)
Found at: and
Details: Inspired by TV home design shows, these two rooms (in roughly a miniland or Belville scale) get the modern look down just right. The bed makes use of one of those odd pink-ish colors (looks like magenta to me), and sits on top of a raised floor made using plates and tiles inlaid sideways (at two different angles). Another nice touch is the blinds, which use some loose angle work and even include a rope so the inhabitants can adjust them. The pillows give great use to a number of difficult to use parts, mostly in rare colors. The lamp even uses an upside-down Scala flower pot!

The three flickr photos (one of which is shown above) are just a teaser - check out the Brickshelf gallery for close-ups of each detail and piece of furniture.

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