Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tora no Maki in Print in US

Name of Book: Tora no Maki
Created by: ISOGAWA Yoshihito
Found at: http://www.isogawastudio.co.jp/legostudio/toranomaki/en/index.html
Details: Early this year, I recommended a phenomenal book about LEGO mechanisms. The book was offered in PDF format as shareware. That book is still available in that form, but will soon also be available through No Starch Press in three-volume book form. While there was previously a printed version available in Japanese, this edition will be in English (and of course, the photos are the main attraction). Now the non-mechanical builders out there have even less of an excuse for not adding moving or interactive features to their creations.

(via TechnicBricks)

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