Monday, August 16, 2010

Skill Crane: The Claw

Name of Model: Lego Skill Crane: The Claw
Created by: Will Gorman
Found at: Instructions, program, and parts list at
Details: It's rare that I see something that I can immediately understand all the mechanics of, but want to build one of my own anyway. This is one such model - it's a relatively straightforward construction making heavy use of beams and gear racks, and yet it looks like a ton of fun. Apparently it's even durable enough for the builder's kid to play with. Another great thing about this is that the programming is relatively simple - both an RCX and an NXT are used, but they don't actually need to communicate with each other. The end user's controls are fairly directly connected to the motors that move the claw. Do you want to try it too? Great news: the builder has posted a parts list, the instructions, the programs, and a CAD file of the complete model.

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