Monday, August 16, 2010

BrickFair 2010 Round-Up

Name of Event: BrickFair
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I'm sorry about the sporadic posts lately - we've done as much filling in as we're going to and will be daily again starting now. As mentioned earlier this week by Matthew (Brickapolis), the LMOTD team was at BrickFair last weekend, and we're still recovering from that whirlwind of LEGO action. I personally took nearly a thousand photos in an attempt to exhaustively cover every creation on display and as much of the action as possible. It was exhaustive, alright - I'm still tired from a few late-night photo runs. In addition to photo-taking and running performances of the NXT Robot Band, I also hosted a "Blogger's Roundtable" event, nominated two trophy categories, and got involved with several of the games. A word to the wise: getting truly involved with a LEGO convention can be work that may require a second vacation afterwards.

In addition to my own photos and the links below, we're also expecting more coverage to appear in the coming weeks - my "NXT Robot Band" (prepped for this year's music theme) was videotaped a few times by someone from CBS, and I'd expect their report to show up sometime in September. I'll try to update this page with additional links when I can. As always, you can send in your tips to - I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more come in, thanks to the ~1,000 registrants and nearly 20,000 public visitors.

In the meantime, check out my photos and the photos/videos of these people who didn't win the competition to take the most photos:

BrickJournal flickr set: Brickfair 2010 Preparation
BrickJournal flickr set: Brickfair Set 1
BrickJournal flickr set: Brickfair Set 2
BrickJournal flickr set: Brickfair Set 2 (yes, two with the same title)
Official group pool
BernMarsh's flickr set
notenoughbricks's flickr set
jchanes927's flickr set
cajunjoel's flickr set
Joe Architect's flickr set
MiniBricks Madness' report
KateKintail's brickshelf gallery
pjmoyer's brickshelf gallery
Cale Leiphart's flickr photos
Brothers Brick blurb
qiaochang's flickr set
morganbarr's flickr set
rclaburn's flickr set
Rob Bender's flickr set
AB Quest's flickr photo sets
TJJohn12's flickr sets: Thursday Friday
rschoonover's flickr set
Brickapolis' flickr set
pcgeek's Brickshelf gallery
dan_larson008's flickr set
primus30eight's Brickshelf gallery
billb♥Lego's flickr set
teodude's flickr photos

Some amateur-ish video from goobers who can't handle using terminology correctly, but think you should watch ads for the privilege of seeing their goofy clips (and yes, that's the least snide I can be while describing these):
Fox 5 DC clips
CNN clip

We almost missed this article by some blowhard at the Washington Post who couldn't even be bothered to look up the name of the event, but did find time to write a few insulting and even misogynistic comments for good measure.

We recorded audio of a few festivities at the event - once we've determined if any of it's useful, we may share some of that as well.

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