Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stunning DUPLO Castle

Name of Model: Duplo castle
Created by: marsupilami
Found at:

There aren't enough enormous DUPLO layouts out there. It's very strange - green is a far more common color in DUPLO than in the smaller LEGO bricks, and you can even buy (at fairly reasonable prices) a variety of shades of green in DUPLO. Bright green, lime green, and even the very rare medium lime color are plentiful in the DUPLO world (Little known fact: the piece LEGO makes in the most colors is the 2x2 DUPLO brick). The various rare colors that are readily available in DUPLO make DUPLO a natural choice for landscaping, but surprisingly few people take advantage of that. The DUPLO world also includes more animals (perfect for farms and medieval livestock) and as many specialized parts for Castle sets as you'll find in the "normal" kits. In terms of building techniques, I don't believe there's much here that we haven't seen before - but there's something to be said for having the ambition to take on a Castle layout properly (and with bricks in colors that allow for some truly accurate landscaping without breaking the bank).


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you created some instructions to recreate that huge layout, did you?

Dan said...

I'd be surprised if the builder did make instructions - I don't even see a map of the layout in the Brickshelf gallery.