Friday, March 5, 2010

Governor's Palace, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Name of Model: Governor's Palace
Created by: Arthur Gugick
Found at:
This model of the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia is so full of exciting techniques that it is difficult to get a proper sense of scale looking at these photos. There's a very realistic brick texture visible here that is achieved by mixing 1x2 plates of various colors (with dark red and reddish brown going together very well). Of course, once you realize how small the "bricks" in the walls really are, the next question is "What's really in those windows?" The answer (clearer if you zoom in) is that they're the newer 1x2x3 and 1x2x2 windows, but instead of glass in the windows, there are 1x2 grill tiles mounted sideways behind them. The effect is spectacular - these really little windows really look like they have very tiny shutters behind them. That's not the only interesting parts use that makes it hard to tell what size this is - roofs are built out of cheese slopes, and the "grass" is actually made of leaf elements. Even the front door is an interesting trick - that's made with stacked hinge bricks. The rotunda makes use of the more well-known technique of using plate hinges to angle some of the windows.

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Anonymous said...

As always... thanks for highlighting my models!!

The windows are actually made of two layers of 1x2 grill tiles. A horizontal layer in the front and a vertical layer behind.

Hope to see you again at Brick______ (fill in the blank)