Monday, March 22, 2010

Robotics Monday: NIKO, the NXT / Nokia Robot

Name of Model: NIKO
Created by: The Niko The N900 Robot Team
Found at: (via The NXT Step)

In the interest of saving time (sorry for losing my regular schedule lately - I've been showing LEGO at public events and trying to generate building instructions), I'm actually just going to steal this description entirely from The NXT Step (check out the links above, though, to read about how to control this using Twitter):
Nokia have been running the 'PUSH N900 - MOD IN THE USA' competition that sought hackers and modders to push Nokia's new device, the N900, to its limits. Three teams of finalists have already been selected and are currently building their prototypes in time to present to a panel of judges at the CTIA Expo in Las Vegas next week.

Where does NXT come into this? Well, one of the three teams of finalists are developing a Twitter controlled robot, that uses the N900 as its 'brains' and Mindstorm NXT 2.0 for its body.
If you want to check out a bit more about the ''NIKO the N900 Robot' - here's their team page:

All of the teams have been blogging their progress on the official blog:

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