Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LEGO Store Ribbon Models

Name of Models: LEGO Store Brand Ribbon Models
Designed by The LEGO Group, built by various LEGO fans.
Photos found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/notenoughbricks/sets/72157623533814881/
A bit of background: at LEGO stores (the ones owned by the company - you'll occasionally hear these referred to as "LEGO Brand Retail"), there are a number of semi-permanent displays. One of the more popular bits actually has nothing to do with kits available to be bought, but is displayed at kids' eye level in little round windows designed to look like LEGO studs. Those displays, which go around the entire length of the store (most LEGO stores in the US have standard fixtures and displays) feature a number of fun and goofy models at a number of scales. All of these displays are designed by the company, but since LEGO knows that there are plenty of LEGO fans around who would be happy for the privilege to build a fairly permanent store display, the LEGO company generally doesn't assemble the models. I, personally, have been able to attend two "build parties" where the display models were assembled for LEGO stores that hadn't opened yet. The recent remodeling of brand retail stores in the US (which also meant the end of the Window Into The Community displays where LEGO stores would showcase the work of local builders) brought in additional ribbon models in many stores. While these models are frequently photographed and used for inspiration, few people who have built these models have had the foresight to take photographs of the models before they were returned to the company and put behind the store fixtures. Today, I'm featuring this set of 8 of the models - there's only one photo of each, but you can see why these are such interesting and exciting designs.

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