Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Milouuu, where are youuu?

Name of Model: Milouuu, where are youuu?
Created by: marcosbessa
Found at:
In the world of LUG's (LEGO Users Groups - groups of AFOL's, or Adult Fans Of LEGO), there are a variety of competitions. In one such competition, marcosbessa was challenged to build something based on Tintin and Snowy (also known as Tintin et Milou - according to Wikipedia, this series has become popular in Europe and been translated out of the original French). To rise to the challenge, marcosbessa built the dog - but there was one issue. The supply of white bricks was running out (apparently not before the face came out in a spectacularly lifelike manner). The solution? A dark blue box that the dog appears to be jumping out of - the box hides the parts that aren't rendered in detail. With the paws and face coming out that cute (I'd bet no real dog looks quite so friendly), you don't even notice that the rest of the dog is hidden in the box - it's a masterpiece anyway.

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