Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009 MisaQa Advent Calendar - Microscale City

Name of Model: Advent Calendar (2009)
Created by MisaQa, a Japanese builder whose work can be found on BrickShelf, Flickr, and her own website.
Found at:
I've previously blogged about one of MisaQa's famous annual LEGO-based Advent Calendars, but I believe this one warrants fresh attention (and for once, I'm actually mentioning it early enough for people unfamiliar with her creations to follow along each day until Christmas). Last time we discussed her calendars at LMOTD, she was building a microscale town - this year, she's building a microscale city. Last year, we didn't blog her fantastic fantasy creatures calendar; in 2006, I was impressed by her miniland-scale "Dolls dressed up" calendar; in 2005 she delivered a series of delicately poised birds. MisaQa's Advent Calendars never disappoint and often expose a deep well of engaging new ideas and techniques.
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