Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Men In Blacktron

Name of Model: MIB (Men in Blacktron)
Created by: OptimalControl
Found at:
As a general rule, you've qualified to be featured here as a "fascinating" model of the day as soon as you've built a giant minifig. Building one with a pattern on the torso takes things up a notch, but building one with a perfect and highly-detailed mosaic (with studs facing in all directions) of a classic Blacktron torso on it takes things to a whole 'nother level. That's not even the full extent of this model, though: a side view reveals a perfectly scaled airtank, visor hinge, and implement (All of which I'm pretty sure we haven't seen scaled up 6 times previously). Did I mention that the face opens up to reveal that this is a giant mecha driven by classic Blacktron minifigs? It looks like somebody is ready to terrorize some Futuron planets - at least until someone builds a giant Space Police I mecha/sculpture to fight this guy.

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