Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bad Days For Micropolis

Name of Contest: Bad Day For Micropolis
Created by various contest entrants
Found at: http://www.reasonablyclever.com/lego/contest/badday/index.html

One of the more interesting contests to have gone by recently was Reasonably Clever's "Bad Day For Micropolis". Based on the Micropolis Micro City Standard developed by TwinLUG (the LEGO Users Group for the Minneapolis / St. Paul region), the idea of the contest was to build a Micropolis module that was being destroyed in some way. The micropolis standard is already fun on it's own - it's a pretty straightforward standard, that's small enough to allow people with even fairly small collections to build interesting modules (the base is only 16 studs square). Many of the modules entered into the contest are exciting even without the "bad day" element - but add in a few alien attacks, construction fiascos, and natural disasters, and suddenly things go from adorably clever to fiendishly exciting.


Garth Danielson said...

Thanks for the mention. We TwinLUG'ers sure have been having fun with Micropolis and I've already heard of two other groups that are working on their own displays. Bill Ward is doing a group build on the west coast somewhere and eti is doing a build with a group in the Netherlands. Not sure of the name yet. I keep forgetting to ask. Memories going. Bad day for me.

It sure was a great way to pump some energy and fun into building buildings. The size is both a great boone and a great challenge. When a lever can be a giraffe the world is your oyster.


see ya

Lego Model of the Day said...

I believe that would be LOWLUG in the Netherlands.

I'm trying to talk the rest of NCLUG into doing such a layout. Is TwinLUG trying to keep track of everyone building Micropolis?