Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Blog You Should Read: TechnicBricks

Continuing my series on other spectacular all-ages blogs by LEGO fans for LEGO fans, today I am spotlighting TechnicBricks. TechnicBricks is an excellent source for Technic-related news and reviews, and often features interesting features on MOCs and building techniques as well. Currently, they have up an interesting two part interview with LEGO set designer Uwe Wabra, the man behind the flagship of the current LEGO Technic line (the 8258 Crane Truck).

While this isn't truly robot-related (I generally try to do a robotics-related post on Mondays), I would highly recommend TechnicBricks to all of the NXT fans out there - the building techniques and parts discussed on the site can be extremely useful for all sorts of motorized creations.

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