Thursday, July 2, 2009

LIke Fathers Like Sons

Name of Model: LIke Fathers Like Sons
Created by: fallentomato
Found at:
It's hard not to get my attention when you're mixing scales in a clever way. The Technic figures (which originally came out in the late 1980's, surfaced occasionally in LEGO sets over the years, and then were widely available in the late 1990's, until they started with the Bionicle characters...) work great here, but their unusual scale - pretty close to Belville, just a little smaller than Miniland 0 makes them hard to work into models most of the time. The temptation would be to use Belville or miniland characters as children, but the minifigs work surprisingly well here. The best part? The minifigs are details to match the Technic figs as much as possible, using sunglass-clad heads and even a Dr Inferno arm for the cyborg kid. This is apparently just one module for a collaborative display at BrickWorld (which ended over a week ago...) so we may see more of these soon.

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