Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let's Hear it for the Original Space Police!

Name of Model: SPa
Created by: roguebantha_1138
Found at: and
Yes, I know it's 2009 and that the company just released a third Space Police line, this one with aliens who are all treated as criminals (chew on the xenophobic political connotations of that one for a minute). There were, of course, kinder, simpler times, when we could spot the bad guys by their matching outfits and association with the Blacktron. When it comes to modern crafts for keeping the Futuron safe (and seriously - what's a Space Police line good for if you don't have civilians to protect?), this is as awesome as it gets. Proper prison pods (not of the hit-to-release variety, but of the well-built 1989 variety - the SP1 do not have any "escape" to worry about) are included too, because SP1 mean business!

Is that enough SP1 v. SP3 trash-talk? Do I really need to explain how clever the wing connections are here, or how that roof piece angles things further than the hinges? At some level this wins for using rare parts, but the amount of parts that have been discontinued (or otherwise become hard-to-come-by) since they first appeared in the original Space Police line is frighteningly large (translucent red just hasn't done too well in recent years - even the Alpha Team kits didn't include much of the color). I guess that's what we get for having a ton of exclusive translucent parts and lots of great printed bits instead of stickers (again, sorry kiddos - but hey, you may have missed the 80's, but you have the Internet! There were no blogs back when the SP1 line came out! Get off my lawn - oh wait, that's already in the instruction books for these new kits without boxtrays, isn't it?)

Where was I? Oh yes - this model is awesome, and there isn't nearly enough continuity in the LEGO Space world these days.

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