Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foosball Table

Name of Model: LEGO Coffee Table Foosball Table
Created by: Mt.Dew Monkey
Found at: , , and
Every once in a while, my putting off doing a post for a day pays off when somebody posts something amazing during the day and I get to share it right away. Such is the case today, with this spectacular foosball table. While the use of swords may be technically be "cheating" to fans of the sport, Wikipedia's entry on Foosball sure makes it look like we're allowed to have multiple players on the goalie row (and hey! I had no idea foosball was such a complicated topic, or that there were so many names for it!)

To make LEGO fans like myself happy, there are some great details and parts usages - note the "useless" handle element making it's appearance on all the rods (which are themselves an impressive collection of Technic axles and axle extenders, completely in black), the use of Knight's Kingdom head on one side of the table, and the colorful team choice - swashbuckling Pirates vs Castle Knights!

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