Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Circle Triangle Square

Name of Model: Circle Triangle Square
Created by: Nathan Sawaya
Found at: www.brickartist.com
Details: Nathan Sawaya, a LEGO Certified Professional, is well known for his life-size sculptures. In this, his latest sculpture, he reminds us once again why he can offer to build you a life-size sculpture of yourself for a mere $60K. Nathan does a superb job depicting the shape of a human body in a single color and with square bricks. I'm not sure if there's a message that Nathan is trying to represent with these heads replaced with the three basic shapes, but it has been thought-provoking for me. I tend to think the guy on the right is a "block-head." :) And while doing a giant square out of LEGO is easy, and a circle is getting to be fairly common, I can't say as I've seen anyone do a 3-d triangle before. Makes me want to break out a bulk bucket of bricks and give it a try...:)

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