Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giant Nintendo DSi Sculpture

Name of Model: Nintendo DSi
Created by: Sean Kenney
Found at: http://www.seankenney.com/portfolio/nintendo_dsi/
Details: Um. Wow. So what would you do with 51, 324 LEGO bricks and a nice commission from Nintendo? At 7 feet wide and 250 pounds, this is probably not the Nintendo DS you're going to slip into your pocket.

Sean Kenney is a well-known LEGO certified professional who appears regularly in the news whether in print, on TV, or online. Sean is also the creator and owner of MOCpages, a popular site for LEGO fans to post pictures of their own MOCs (My Own Creations).

I love how the size of the model allows a greater amount of detail in the creation. The cat mosaic cracks me up. Take a look at some of the other images Sean has on his site that show you the details. He actually has the Nintendo disclaimer and bar code on the back! Okay, so the disclaimer amounts to gobbledygook, but it's very well designed gobbledygook!

My only question is: Does the thing fold up? :) [Editor's Note: Sadly, no - the steel frame used to make this sturdy keeps it from folding. This model is currently on display in the store window (ready for people on the street to take pictures with it) at the Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center in New York City, New York, USA.]

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