Friday, August 8, 2008

Miniature Town Plan Magnets

Name of Model: Town Plan Magnets
Created by: Casper at Lego For Life
Found at: and
This is one of those things that I've been meaning to plug for a while. I also wanted to recommend it as an excellent idea we could all try - but LEGO, in one of the stranger decisions I've seen them make, has pulled the refrigerator magnets and made it very expensive to try doing anything like this now. Although the magnets are hard to come by now, most of the other parts are still available. These three buildings are microscale versions of the popular Town Plan set from earlier this year - a special 50th anniversary edition of one of the first sets made with the current LEGO bricks 50 years ago. Enough trivia, though - look at these details! They're amazing! Lots of studs-not-on-top work was involved here to get the details correct and make these work as magnets. Don't miss the lamp-post or clock on the city hall, the signs and ticket booth on the cinema, or the flag or actual vintage door on the gas station.
This is Saturday's model of the day - and with any luck, we're back on a daily schedule now.

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