Saturday, August 9, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Awesome Klocki Contest

Name of Models: Klocki contest winners - Cart Ride, Steel Wishbone, and Flying Wing
Created by: Klocki readers (I know I'm slacking here, but the appropriate links are at the site listed above)
Found at:

Recently, Klocki ran a contest loosely based on the New LEGO® Indiana Jones™ Collection. There were a few different categories - "Indiana Jones and Memorable Scene" (a 16x16 vignette), "Indiana Jones and Forgotten Adventure" (a design-your-own story featuring Indiana Jones), and "Indiana Jones and the UCS Model" (UCS stands for "Ultimate Collector's Series" - an official series which has been expanded by fans to include other large and very detailed vehicles). All three winning entries are excellent - take a look!


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