Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ontario Brick Builders' Space Layout

Name of Model: LEGO Space layout at the Spring Toy, Train and Doll show
Created by: Ontario Brick Builders
Found at: and
On April 27th, 2008, the Ontario Brick Builders in Ontario, Canada, put out a public display at THE TORONTO TOY, TRAIN & DOLL COLLECTORS' SHOW (which has no website from what I can tell). The reason why I'm featuring video of this show instead of photos is that they took advantage of the opportunity to try out some exciting new ways of moving models. A Technic/Mindstorms-based mechanism lifts up a classic spaceship while a rover is maneuvered on the ground by a system of magnets. Custom-designed train and monorail cars are circling the layout too. Did I mention that this is CLASSIC Space too? I know some of the parts I see are newer, but the color scheme and many of the sets are pure 1978. If you're interested in seeing their other layouts, there are more links at

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