Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hoth Rebel Base Kits on US Shop-At-Home Site

Hoth Rebel Base
icon (7666) is currently available on Shop at Home in the US. A quick look at BrickLink reveals that the minifigs in this set are so expensive and popular with collectors that the other 500+ parts are pretty much free once you factor in the people.

This was supposedly a limited-edition - no word on whether or not this is a re-release or if it's still a rare item. If it really is limited, expect it to sell out quickly.

Additionally, Toys-R-Us locations that participated in the Clone Wars event this past weekend may have a few of these in stock as well - but be careful, some of them are charging $10 more for it (bringing the price up to $60 from $50).

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wilhelm2451 said...

I even got a golden C-3P0 out of that very Hoth Base kit way back when, but I would have been happy with just the standard minifigs. It is a good set. The structure is so-so, but the parts are good, and the Snow Speeder is still flying around our house.