Friday, June 6, 2008

VW Bug - The Official Set

Created by the LEGO company
Available sometime in the next month
Details: Yes, dear Google searchers, we hear your failed requests. Over the past few months, people looking for (and not finding) info on this set have been visiting this blog with alarming regularity (mostly because I've featured both of the Arvo brother's VW Beetle designs). Well, now I have some info: the set is licensed through Volkswagen, but will only be available at LEGO stores and through LEGO Shop at Home. The official release will be within the next month - I don't have an exact date. You can watch for info on it at its Brickset page. There are over 1500 pieces included and the set will sell for over $100. This design is noteworthy partially because it was one of the first to be voted on by LEGO fans at a fan event in Germany, but also because this final version features hundreds of parts in fairly rare colors. The scale is also interesting - it's big enough to provide some great details, Ultimate Collector Series-style, but it's also perfect for Technic and Belville figures. Some leaked publicity shots have appeared on Brickshelf. Also, there might be a few exclusive detail shots in my Brickshelf folder, thanks to my well-connected friend (and BrickJournal's editor) Joe Meno (and if you haven't subscribed to BrickJournal yet, I highly recommend doing that while you wait for this set to release).

Searchers, is there anything else you want to know?

Also, do you want to stick around? Although most models featured here aren't available for sale, there is a new model every day and most of them are just as amazing as this set.

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