Friday, February 15, 2008

Volkswagen Beetle

Name of Model: Volkswagen Beetle - Original Lego design by Arvo
Created by: arvo
Found at:
The Arvo Brothers have taken on the Volkswagen Beetle, and as with all of their cars, it looks excellent. Most notable about this one, though, is that it provides a bit of a contrast with the set that will be coming out later this year (I'm having trouble finding a link right now but there is definitely an official Volkswagen Beetle set coming up soon). This one makes use of a wide variety of sloped parts - in the typical Arvo style - whereas the official model has more of a sculpted look with a variety of LEGO® plates. I'm also digging the more modern look of the yellow parts here compared to the special shades of blue on the official one (it's always great to get hard-to-find colors in a set, but it's not exactly a must when designing your own model).

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