Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lord of the Rings: Places in Middle Earth

Name of Model: Places in Middle Earth
Created by: bricktales
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Here's an interesting set of scenes from the series Lord of the Rings. I'm not much of an LotR fan, so I can't speak to the accuracy of these - but there are quite a few of them and many of them are interesting from a building perspective, and a few of them make entertaining use of non-LEGO elements as well. There are a variety of landscapes, custom figs, houses, and castle-styled scenes, so I suspect that quite a few of us non-LotR fans will still be able to enjoy the gallery and the building ideas shown. The photo I've selected to accompany this post is one of several great landscapes shown here - I love that little stream and the mix of white and dark grey pieces used to get a realistic rocky land feel.


Ben said...

They are pretty accurate based on the books. People who only saw the movies will wonder about some of them though.

Bricktales said...


Thanks for featuring me. Those are all for my illustrated retelling of the Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately the host server for my website, Brick Tales, died recently, so I'm rebuilding and figuring out a new host.