Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bionicle Horse

Name of Model: BionicleHorse (I need to build four legs creature.)
Created by: LOVEJOINT
Found at:
This gorgeous horse sculpture is made entirely with Technic and Bionicle pieces - it looks like there might not be a single stud in it. The dark red color scheme isn't exactly a natural color but it works well (and shows off a sizeable collection!). I would have preferred a longer nose, but that probably would be very difficult to add. I love the way that various "tentacle" elements were used to create a mane. The reins, tail, and legs all look great, but the perfect touch is definitely the horseshoes. Stuff like that just proves that the naysayers are wrong about the amount of detail you can get in a model made with Bionicle parts. If you're into this model, you'll also want to check out the rider made by the same builder - which can ride this horse or a few different motorcycles. No word, though, on how long it will take to line up the ball-and-socket joints to get a front-legs-in-the-air money shot of the horse and rider.
This is Tuesday's model of the day

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