Friday, April 18, 2008

Halong Bay

Name of Model: The Mad Scientist is now settled in a new secret base. His lab has been built inside a huge rock of Halong Bay. He continues to snatch tourists in order to transform them in zombies. In case of emergency he can escape with his submarine. Be careful...
Created by: cbolego
Found at:
This unique big vignette (or "bignette") has an enormous sculpted rock coming out of a block which holds the rest of the action. My personal favorite part is the way swimming minifigs are captured - their heads are above the (sand green!) water while their bodies are represented by cleverly-placed plates. The shark and submarine are admittedly pretty awesome too, but it's not easy to compete with that land mass or those swimmers. I probably would have gone with a more common color for the water (blue comes to mind) but the sand-green looks great and is a sure way to catch the envy of other builders.

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