Sunday, August 19, 2007

Robotics Monday: Pinball Machine

Name of Model: live size LEGO Pinball machine build with 13 mindstorms computers
Created by: robotica
Found at:
This is a stunner that you have to see to believe - a complete pinball machine, in full size. There are a ton of great photos here too. You can see the underside, where dozens (hundreds?) of beams form a sturdy base for the model. There's also a clever mutiple RCX holster to allow the intelligent bricks to communicate with each other. Some slight cheating was involved for the number displays, which are made with paper glued to miswritten CD-Rs, but otherwise this is done entirely with LEGO® parts - lights, motors, sensors, and all. Of course, even beyond the awesome scope of this project and the robotics-related challenges, this has some great detail work. The lettering, the rows of windows, and the obstacles all look amazing too.

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