Sunday, August 19, 2007

News: Photos of Official LEGO Anniversary Event

Name of Event: 75 years of LEGO event in Billund August 9 to 11 2007
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Those of you who are in the know are probably aware of the fact that the LEGO® company celebrated its 75th anniversary a few days back. Well, naturally, they threw themselves quite a LEGO-themed party to celebrate. This Brickshelf gallery includes a ton of photos of the event - and there's a ton of great stuff to see! Most of these would have qualified to be models of the day on their own, actually, but it doesn't make much sense to keep that much of a backlog here. Keep an eye out for a Chinese Dragon-styled train, a sandcastle, wooden puzzles, a Star Trek ship, cool cars, some familiar amazing buildings, a cathedral, and dozens of LEGOLAND Park attractions. That's just a few highlights - the whole gallery is a treat.

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