Saturday, April 28, 2007

Working Grandfather Clock

Name of Model: Grandfather Clock
Created by: Eric Harshbarger
Found at:
Once upon a time, Eric Harshbarger thought he would never make LEGO furniture. After a while, he gave up in that idea to try some new challenges. One such challenge was that of a working Grandfather Clock made entirely out of LEGO (OK - so cheating was used for the clock's weights and the monofiliment line - but using real LEGO parts would have worn out the LEGO parts extremely quickly). This particular one is the second draft of that model, featuring rarer LEGO parts that allow the clock to run longer, be more durable, and have more precision in telling the time. Of course, the technical works and gear ratios and such are fascinating, but it's also striking just how many parts are required to build this model (it really is a life-size piece of furniture) and the way that the details of the clock's body have been carefully sculpted out of standard LEGO bricks. The roman numerals on the clock's face are a clever studs-not-on-top inlay as well (this allows for comparatively "high-resolution" text). The clock face also has a few small gears on it that solve the coaxial rotation problem. This is just a great model overall - you should really take the time to look at the link above.
(This is Friday's model of the day.)

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