Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fiat 131

Name of Model: Fiat Seat 131
Created by: arvo
Found at: and
If you clicked the link for today's model, you may have noticed that that page is written in Spanish. For those of you who can't read Spanish (or don't want to deal with an online translator), this summary will cover the basics. This car is modeled after an old family car - specifically, a Fiat 131. After the color was chosen, measurements were taken to properly build the car to scale. The chassis and steering system were built first with a good deal of detail, and the rest of the model was assembled little-by-little from there. The chassis has a combination of traditional LEGO bricks, Technic beams, and Technic bricks.

The original page uses a number of pictures to describe the details of the model, so you may find it of interest even if you don't understand the text. There is also a brickshelf page for this model.

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