Sunday, March 25, 2007

Abston Church of Christ

Name of Model: Abston Church of Christ
Created by: Amy Hughes
Found at:
The Abston Church of Christ is, for those of you not already familiar with it, an enormous mini-figure scale church made out of fairly standard LEGO parts. The interior is incredibly spacious - I have a feeling that it might actually be the largest interior in any LEGO building I've seen. There are too many details to mention - heck, I'm not even picking a picture to focus on here this time out. This project was incredibly ambitious, and it came out very well - it's worth taking some time to give the website devoted to it a browse. This is the type of thing you really have to see for yourself - and besides, I can't do this justice and much has already been written about it.

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Steven said...

I already seen this, I got a viral email back over a year ago... its nice design.