Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Escher's "Relativity"

Name of Model: Escher's "Relativity"
Created by: Andrew Lipson
Found at: http://andrewlipson.com/escher/relativity.html
Escher's 'Relativity'Mathematician and knot theorist Andrew Lipson is famous for his reproductions of abstract minimal surfaces in the form of LEGO sculptures.

...but let's be honest, most people have a hard time following that sort of stuff, and would rather see his recreations of famous Escher images. I'll be featuring some Klein bottles and cross-caps here soon enough, but for today, Escher's "Relativity" is exciting enough. For obvious reasons, much of the "studs-not-on-top" (or SNOT) building technique is used here. Fairly thorough documentation for this model, along with more pictures, can be found at its webpage.

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