Saturday, July 15, 2017

Winding Down LMOTD

I've recently made the difficult decision to wind down LMOTD. The reasons why may seem obvious if you've already read the timeline recapping the blog's history - we've been off-kilter for some time now, most of what was attempted here is now done elsewhere in the LEGO fan blogging community, and I simply don't have the resources to make LMOTD succeed on its own. While this effectively means the end of this blog, we do have a few plans here going forward:
  • I (Dan) will continue to attempt what I was trying to do here as part of BZPower. I was brought on there as a Staff Reporter for the news section of their front page this past January, and we are still in the process of rolling out additional features there based on my editorial instincts here. While merging our resources should make for a stronger site overall, there are no plans to attempt daily MOC blogging on BZP (call this what you want - it's neither a full shutdown nor a full merger). Do expect to see more news from me there that is of interest to LEGO fans in general, and not just Bionicle fans.
  • The archives of existing posts will stay right where they are indefinitely. We don't want to break existing links. There are also no current plans to move older posts to BZPower. The primary driver of keeping this separate is insecure content that now causes errors here at LMOTD - the difficulty of resolving these now makes it virtually impossible to even edit LMOTD posts here on Blogger (which unfortunately means that further updates and edits on older posts here are now unlikely).
  • I will change the address to forward to a personal address. PR requests should be sent to going forward.
  • We will occasionally add new posts here to inform you of former LMOTD contributors' current projects in the AFOL community. Please keep us in your feed readers so that you'll see these announcements.

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