Sunday, September 14, 2014

Maker Faire Orlando 2014

Name of Event: Maker Faire Orlando 2014
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Details: I'm writing this from Maker Faire Orlando 2014. I'm kicking myself for not having properly announced the event in advance here - we're only open for another 2 hours or so. I figure I need to have something about it here, though, since I've actually given out quite a few LMOTD tiles today.

I'm actually scattered across two floors with a mix of old and new creations. The display I've been manning most of the weekend is my NXT Robot Band (which I am yet to properly document online). Visit the Orlando Robotics and Makers Club booth to see (and play with) my single-kit pneumatic walker. Over at the Greater Florida LEGO User Group's tables, you can see my recent Great Ball Contraption modules and even a Maker Faire-flavored version of Mini LEGO Con.

I've posted some of my photos (from Friday night setup only, as of this writing) on Flickr.

I'll update this post rounding up various coverage after the event.

There's some non-LEGO coverage on the Make website
GFLUG recapped their contributions on their website.

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