Thursday, October 18, 2012

LEGO's Booth at New York Comic Con

Name of Model: LEGO Systems, Inc. - New York Comic Con 2012
Created by: Creatacor, LEGO
Found at:
Details: Today's featured model is actually the LEGO company's booth at last weekend's Comic Con, in New York City. Creatacor has photos of both setup and the completed booth. This is the first year that LEGO has had an official presence at this event - in the past they've stuck with the larger Comic Con in San Diego. LEGO was there to announce next year's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series - you'll notice the turtles and a large TMNT mosaic in many of the photos.

Here's a round-up of NYCC photos I've come by that include the LEGO displays. Most of these photosets are of the event in general (I haven't done my usual check for all-ages appropriateness but I doubt there's anything worse than your average superhero costumes).

FBTB's official coverage
dreyesceron's flickr photos
EJP Photo's flickr photos
sonicstarlight's flickr photos (focusing on the I LUG NY fan display)
Official LEGO Press Release on LUGNET
merhawk's flickr photos
ericdecker's flickr photos
cloudcity's flickr photos
saebaryo's flickr photos
marchawkins' flickr photos
Rad_TV's flickr photos
halloween jack

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