Sunday, September 2, 2012

Slices of Life in Billund's Miniland

Photos by: larswelin
Found at:
Details: It's time for another look inside LEGOLAND - this time the park in Billund, Denmark. There are only 38 photos here, but there are some nice angles we don't see too often. I'm partial to the open-air food market shown here, which makes great use of several of the large food elements originally made for the Belville line (LEGO sometimes uses these in sets with minifigs, but they usually stick out for being oversized because they were originally made for the larger dolls). There's also this great street level scene that feels like it could be a photo of a city early in the morning. There's also a look at a working canal, several well-textured houses, a mural built as a mosaic into the side of a building, a car with a broken headlight (I wonder if that's supposed to be that way or if it fell off), grand columns, skyscrapers, a harbor, a hotel, a train freight yard, row houses, an excellent phone booth, and even a jumbo jet.

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