Thursday, September 20, 2012

Seven Nation Army

Name of Model: M.O. Round 1: Seven Nation Army
Created by: Legofreak2444 ~
Found at:
Details: The MocOlympics just started, and there are already many amazing entries. This one stood out for me, though, because of the composition. There were many large, impressive dios based on the "Seven Nation Army" theme, but Legofreak2444 took his in a different direction. Of course, mecha look cool, and this is a particularly good one. But it's the contrast between it and the desolate (and wonderfully textured) landscape that inspires a feeling of hope, but at the same time implies a difficult and epic past. I definitely think that the composition of the build is just as, if not more, important than the quality of the MOC. This is a good example- each component is wonderful, by itself, but not terribly unique. Together, though, they make an amazing final product.

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