Thursday, April 5, 2012

Luncheon at the Royal Pavilion

Name of Model: Luncheon at the Royal Pavilion
Created by: eilonwy77 (Katie Walker)
Found at:
Details: For the 2012 MocAthalon's "Will it Blend?" (read: theme mash up) category, this model combines Castle and Friends. That's right, it's a celebration put on by Princess Mia. The gorgeous landscaping and intricately patterned flooring steal the show, but there are a number of great details in the scene as well. Dishes of food appear in front of each of the Friends characters. Even the stairs are built sideways to allow for more detail (note the small medium blue lines). All of the girls' pets have meals. Even between the flooring and the columns, there are more carefully placed plants.

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Katie said...

Ha ha, I'm glad you liked it! ;-)