Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cubans: the New CubeDudes

Name of Model: Cubans!
Created by: Owen S.
Found at:
Details: The CubeDude craze has come and gone - well, not really gone, per se, but calmed down a bit - and we are left with a LEGO community lacking a cubic fad to match our cubic medium. But no more! Owen S. of MOCpages has made a slew of cubic characters with one unsymetrical eye and only the most basic features. Are they totally original? No. Are they even minorly complex? no. But are they cute and addictive? Yes! And, I think, a lot of the appeal is in capturing a character with a few cute, well-chosen details. Be sure to check out Owen S.'s collection and the MOCpages group.


Anonymous said...

"alot" isn't a word, try "a lot" instead :-)

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