Saturday, August 13, 2011

BrickFair 2011 Wrap-Up

Name of Event: BrickFair 2011
Found at: (note: link goes to upcoming event, click on "Other Events" on the top right to find information on BrickFair 2011 and other events.
Details: Here we are, nearly a week after surviving our third BrickFair. This was a low-key year, mostly because my own plans were made fairly last-minute. There were no LMOTD tile giveaways this year, and I brought fewer of my own creations that I've blogged - but it was still an intense weekend, thanks to all of the other things that were there to see. I'll be updating this over the next few weeks as I slowly get my feed reader back under control, but here's a partial round up of photos and coverage from the event. You can send your tips and photos in to
my 1,524 flickr photos
ED́WW day_dae (esteemedhelga)™'s flickr photos (set 1)
ED́WW day_dae (esteemedhelga)™'s flickr photos (set 2)
Brickapolis' flickr photos
New Scientist article
unsupervised1's flickr photos
jchanes927's flickr photos
Brian's Bricks's flickr photos
Bosta's flickr photos
Mariann Asanuma pre-event commentary
Mariann Asanuma post-event commentary
Joe Meno's flickr photos (Thursday)
Joe Meno's flickr photos (Friday)
Joe Meno's flickr photos (Saturday)
Joe Meno's flickr photos (Sunday)
taygete05's flickr photos (including the one used above)
AB Quest's flickr photos
BrickFair group pool on flickr
rhombitruncated's flickr photos
pianoforte's flickr photos
tehLEGOman's flickr photos
pjmoyer's Brickshelf Gallery
The Brothers Brick's Wrap Up
-R8-'s flickr photos
Shuppiluliumas' flickr photos
CP5670's Brickshelf gallery
scrope's Brickshelf gallery
Classicsmiley's flickr photos
Rob Bender's flickr photos article: NASA partners with community LEGO event for community outreach

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