Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hong Kong's LEGO Exhibition 2011 at Cityplaza

Name of Model: LEGO Exhibition 2011
Created by various builders
Found at: ? (if you know of an official website or flyer for this event, please let us know)
Details: Here we have one of the most difficult things to round up photos of - a large, apparently nameless (if it has a website or flyer, I haven't been able to find it) display built by many builders that will be on display for a fairly long period of time. You can visit this display from April 15th through May 2nd at Hong Kong's Cityplaza. We'll be trying to round up as much meaningful coverage of the event as possible.

Brothers Brick summary (includes some information about the displays and builders)
(blxbrx) blog post
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Kwok-wai YUEN's flickr photos
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4/29: We've found a flyer.

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