Monday, January 24, 2011

New In the Cafe Corner World

Names of Models: Luxury shop and appartment and
[WIP] Museum of wax
Created by: shutinc
Found at: and
Since we're still behind from my hand injury earlier this month (I'm fine now, by the way), I am going to copy what I just posted over at Brick Town Talk and count it as two of the missing days (I, for one, cannot wait to get back to my regular calendar). Brick Town Talk is the definitive place for news and inspiration related to the Cafe Corner-type kits and other models inspired by them. There's recently been a slight change of management, but the site is still growing the same way it has been these past few years. One improvement casual builders will enjoy is the new URL - BTT is now at ! Other new features include the "inspiration of the day" (a photo of a building that could translate well into LEGO form) and the building tips page (which describes the Cafe Corner modular building standard).

Two great creations from shutinc's flickr photostream - click the titles for full photosets:
Luxury shop and appartment:

[WIP] Museum of wax

That last one is supposedly still a work in progress, but it already looks fantastic. There's already an excellent interior:

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modular building guy said...

Love the museum - brilliant!