Thursday, January 20, 2011

Micropolis Bank

Name of Model: Small Bank
Created by: Rakanishu1024
Found at:
Details: At first glance, this building looks pretty simple and straightforward. This small tower packs in some great techniques, though - each of the four corners of the building has studs facing in four directions (besides the standard stud facing up). The sides facing outward are covered with tiles - which looks great, but can be easy to confuse for a row of stacked 1x1 bricks if you're not looking closely. The other sides, however, connect to the lattice fence elements that form the distinctive windows on the higher floors. It looks like some clear plates may be connected to those fences to properly sell the window look. Interestingly, the geometry of this fence/window arrangement works out to each side of the building being seven studs wide (note the round 1x1 plates at the top) - this allows for the inner columns on the first floor to be spaced perfectly evenly without using any offset techniques.

It's a great place for citizens of micropolis to be eaten by giant flowers! do their banking.

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