Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Slice of Life in Ancient Greece

Name of Model: EverydayslifeinAthens
Created by: 74louloute
Found at:
Details: This slice of life scene from Greece may not be entirely accurate (is that sculpture in the middle The Thinker?), but it is a tasty bit of LEGO-craft. The white minifig pillars look fantastic, and the collectible minifigure "Spartan" character also make a nice appearance. A C-3P0 head on top of a larger pearl gold dome gives it that finial look, meanwhile the 2x2 dome piece you'd expect to be there shows up elsewhere upside-down as a flower pot. The building on the left makes great use of the flesh/nougat color from Prince of Persia sets, along with some pearl gold bits. The small minifigures here are trophies from the collectible minifigure line, and between them we see a pair of tridents that appears to only be held in by a dish. The market building on the opposite side also looks great, not to mention the building in the back with a full interior.

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