Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Copenhagen LEGO Store Opening

Name of Event: The LEGO® Store København (Copenhagen), Denmark Grand Opening
Found at: http://stores.lego.com/en-us/Copenhagen/LandingPage.aspx
Details: A LEGO store opened recently in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm not entirely sure how to explain this one - it's not like any of the other stores. It's not an "outlet", a "flagship store", a "discovery centre", or and "imagination center" either. This place has some phenomenal things, though - a giant Pick-A-Brick wall, enormous mosaics, large sculptures, and even a miniland-scale layout. It's also the first Denmark location where LEGO has a non-LEGOLAND park retail presence. The place is as exciting as it is hard to classify. Here's a round-up of the photos I've found so far:
schioldannvoneyben's's flickr photos
legosamlet's Brickshelf gallery
eiker86's Brickshelf gallery

More to come as we find it. As always, send your tips to legomodeloftheday@gmail.com

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Garth Danielson said...

There are aspects of the new Danish store that are the same here in the Minneapolis store. The Pick-A-Brick wall is the same. I've seen other store opening pics online and I see some siliarities there too. We have that serpent, there's a giant mural of a local scene, the ceiling that resembles the bottom of a brick, the ribbon running around the store. Even some of the small creations in the ribbon are the same.

I suspect the company is conforming their retail to a standard style, while adding some large attraction getting bits and pieces to fill the available space. The building in Denmark looks older and the store style was conformed to fit the space.

It's still a nice looking store. I do like the entrance way with all the logos and the guards.