Sunday, November 7, 2010

Technic Sedan with Brick-Built Details

Name of Model: RedSedanI (Brickshelf gallery lists the longer description: 4 Door, V8, four speed, parking brake, 4 Wheel Suspension, Rear Torsion bar, Tilt steering, 6 way adjustable front seats -thank you pixsrv-, front center armrest, rear flow through armrest, full size spare, adjustable sunroof, thirdwig@yahoo, up for more)
Created by: thirdwigg, also on flickr as thirdwig.
Found at: and
Details: As a genre to attempt building in, the massive vehicle with brick-built details and working features made out of Technic elements seems like an intuitive idea to try. The reality of building such a thing is considerably more difficult - even though many of us know how to use Technic pieces to build cars that can drive around and reliable suspension systems, all those great working features can easily become nearly useless just by adding extra weight onto a vehicle. There are few things more depressing than building a great car, only to find out that the wheels won't rotate because they're now brushing against the top of that true-to-life wheel well that took an hour to get just right. Sadly, this means we get very few "best of both worlds" models, and we see an ever-growing schism between people who build models with realistic functionality and people who build models with realistic looks.

The builder of this car, though, took on this challenge and excelled. This Porsche has a full body and interior, steering, suspension, and even the hallmark of a truly thought out car in this genre - adjustable seats. You haven't truly made a LEGO car that attempts to match real cars in looks and functionality unless you've included at least one feature that's only of use to the tiny passengers.
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Thirdwigg said...

Thanks for posting my car on your blog. I worked a long time on this model, so thank you for the recognition.

Building in the scale does require some different techniques. My 911 ( used a lot of better techniques, so the functions work better. I have learned a lot, and the functions of my cars are getting better. Stay tuned, I have another car coming out shortly.

Thanks, Kyle (thirdwigg)